About Us

Patricia began her commercial writing business in 1993 and Susan started freelance business writing two years later. After many years of providing a variety of business and commercial writing services, referring clients to each other and sharing advice and expertise, they decided to take their separate writing businesses to a new level. In October 2001, the two were on the phone and something clicked. They realized they were meant to combine their commercial writing efforts to fulfill a shared creative vision… Vision, Ink was born.

Patricia specializes in targeted business communications for start-ups, as well as mobile and small office/home office (SOHO) professionals. She has spent the last seven years writing about companies across North America and some of the innovative machinery that drives them.

In addition to industry and corporate profiles, she offers extensive experience producing resumes, sales letters and Web site content. Patricia, whose work has appeared in national and regional trade publications, received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Western Washington University.

Susan is an experienced business writer, creative writing teacher and manuscript consultant, bringing an innovative and big-picture perspective to a variety of business communications. A member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild, she can help you reshape and polish your existing marketing materials and Website content.

Susan’s freelance business portfolio includes articles and columns on topics such as technology, e-commerce and personal finance to marketing, entrepreneurial issues and careers. Succeed magazine, The Seattle Times, The Life @ Work Journal online, and Women as Managers are just a few of her publishing credits, featuringbest-selling authors like Marsha Sinetar, Faith Popcorn and Cybergrrl Aliza Sherman.

From ad copy and press releases to newsletters and business books, Susan can assist you with creating and marketing a range of projects that will give wider exposure to your business or career.

Carrie, our Seattle partner, worked in store management for several years, overseeing annual sales topping $1 million, before her promotion to corporate-level merchandising and company-wide training and coaching programs. She brings a unique approach to internal and external corporate communications and production design. Her displays cover multiple product lines, including apparel, gifts, office supplies, crafts and books.

Vision, Ink is a family business in the best sense of the word. Sisters Patricia and Susan, along with Carrie, Susan’s oldest daughter, are merging their creative goals and dreams to provide you with strategic and inspired written and visual communications.

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